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Otis Latham Stretchers  (A.K.A: Coloradocat)

The stretchers:

These boards are specifically designed with the bobcat in mind. The makeup of a bobcat suggests that a board should have a smaller head area, and a thinner neck. These boards address both of those issues. The stretchers also have a more pointed nose, which gives you more length over traditional coyote type stretchers. They come with a wide tailboard to be able to tack your hind legs out for the Nevada Style stretch. These boards also come with a newly designed spreader bar that prevents breakage unlike other adjustable stretchers. All boards are full width, which means they do not have cut out areas to allow air flow. Those cut out areas allow twisting and warping because there is too little area. This also gives you plenty of space to pin your cat out. 

The stretchers come in three sizes: Extra-Large, Large, and Small. The Extra-Large is the same as the Large except it is longer in length for those monster western toms. The Large fits most of the bigger toms that fall into that 20 plus pound range, and the Smalls fit about everything else. Boards are made of 100% basswood, planed to a full 3/4” thickness. This alone will make you more money for the fact that it makes your fur look “fuller” than what it actually is. They come with everything to be able to take out of the packages, assemble, and start stretching bobcats.


Pricing and Shipping:

Most stretchers are made to order. While the turnaround time is usually only a few days, during the busy season it can be upwards of 10 days. We try our best to get our product out to you as soon as possible.

Pricing on Large and Small bobcat boards are $20 each, plus shipping. Call for prices on Extra Large stretchers. Shipping is done through the US Postal Service, they aren’t the fastest, but they are the cheapest.

We will be at most Western conventions this year, or Otis will have someone there with his product.

If interested contact Otis at:


Otis Latham

PO Box 61

Mesa, CO 81643


970-268-5554 or 970-812-7473




Please contact Otis directly for these stretchers. Thanks!!