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Testimonial Details

Charles Aston California

Charles Aston


Here's another picture of a large tom caught in one of your cages.

I’m only running 24 cages this year because of family activities. I’m running the 16 I got from you and some of my old time cages that my Grandpa built many years ago. I have caught 21 cats to date with 15 on boards. I have released 6 cats because I knew they were females. The 15 I got on boards were all toms and all XXL cats with the exception of one smaller tom that measures 33 inches. All the rest are 39 inch plus cats. The biggest came out of one of your smallest cages measuring 41 inches. The picture that I’m adding is a very old tom with rounded flat fangs that were stained dark yellow. His ears had splits all over them from fighting throughout his lifetime. One of his ears had about a 1 inch tuff and the other ear was missing its tuff because it was torn off from fighting. This old tom weighted 23 pounds 6 ozs. The Camtrip Cage dethroned that king cat and will allow some new genes for that territory.

One thing that I like about your cages is that if the door is down, it has a predator in it. My old traps have miss fires all the time because of no pan tension. I caught a Lion in one this year because of its size. They are too big, long, and heavy. Having a cage too big invites non-target catches like lions. My plans are to get some more cages from you later and stop using my old ones altogether.

I had a 28 pound 14 oz cat cage in your 10 inch design. I also caught a nice tom in one of your 8 inch cages. The cat was just at 26 pounds. I really like those small sets. I tend to catch the biggest cats in the smallest cages.

I'm a firm believer in your cages, I believe they are the best  bobcat cage trap on the market today.