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Please take a look at the following list of conventions will be attending this summer. We will have plenty of cage traps and lure available including Double Door cage traps and any custom work like Lion traps provided you pre - order in time. Assume I will be traveling from Southern California to the listed events via I-40, I-15 and I-70 so get ahold of me if you can't make it to the actual event and set up a drop off along the way and save shipping costs.

June 20th - This is a new event.  Since the NTA western has been cancelled a small group of us have put together a "Cage Trappers Campout" in Delta Colorado. We have a piece of private property available to us where we will be having a little get together for some long range gong shooting, maybe some horseshoes or corn hole and some demonstrations from some pretty competent cage trappers.  I expect the BS sessions to epic with a lot of information sharing of tips and tricks.  Saturday morning June 20th thru Sunday the 21st.  Bring your own camping gear and food.  Please rsvp via email, text or phone. 760-497-1445,

August 14 - 15  Colorado convention: EVENT CANCELLED

September 25 - 26 Nebraska Fur Harvestors: North Platte, Nebraska

ARIZONA - If the Trappers association puts one on I will be there.  Keep an eye on the Arizona Trappers webpage


Thank you for your business!  It is truly a pleasure to be making a living providing Trappers, ADC professionals and Research Biologists products that help them achieve their goals.


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Welcome, and Thank You, for visiting the home of Camtrip Cages. Camtrip cages and Cage Magic Lures have been used by Fur Trappers, Wildlife Biologists, Pest Operators and Homeowners to capture Wild, Feral and Domestic critters for more than 15 years and on three continents. If you are looking for a well built, proven cage trap design that is made in America and will give you years of dependable service then look no further.  On the website store page you will find single standard cage traps, homeowner kits,  sets of three cage traps, DVDs, trapping lures, and various product kits. If you don't see something that suits you just contact us and we can put something together. or 760-497-1445

The "About" page will provide you with some details about me and my background.
At the “Online Store” page you can find our standard cage traps, lures and DVDs. The "Store" page is somewhat limited so if you don't see a package that works for you please contact us and we will put something together for you. 
At "Cages" you will find nuts and bolts info, pictures and videos about Camtrip cages along with some history on the "frameless" bobcat and fox cage.
On the "Testimonials" page you will find our users reviews and pictures. Please send your personal testimonial (And Pictures) to and we will get it posted right away!  
The "Stretchers" page describes the stretchers I use to get "Top Dollar" for my cats with the "Nevada Style" stretch. This is where you can contact Otis directly to order his stretchers. 
The "Lure" page has a listing of the lures and bait that I use on my line. 
For the homeowner who needs to buy a single cage, please go here.
Guaranteed Success II is now available for purchase in our store. The trailer for the DVD can be viewed by clicking here.
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This is a video sent in by a customer who wanted to test his "Cage Magic Lead in Scent".
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Read the review for our Top Dollar Cats DVD that appeared in Fur Taker Magazine here.
Here is an article written for me by my good friend and gray fox trapping expert Tracy Truman.
These are the instructions included with each set of cages shipped.
Read about the Camtrip Cages evolution here.