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We have plenty of Halseth Lures and our Cage Magic Lure and Lead in Scent in stock. Thank you for your orders!!!




Below you will find the exact lures Mercer and many other high number bobcat cagers' use in their cat sets. 

On the store page you will find lure packages which include shipping.

If you want to add any of the Halseth lures to your order or you do not find a package which suits you then please email your order and we will get a quote including shipping to you.

All lure orders ship free of charge when purchased with cage traps.

Cage Magic Lures

Lead In Scent 

Cage Magic Lead In Scent was specially formulated to bring the bobcat the last 12-18 inches into the cage needed to get him to step on the pan. Proven to cause interest and rubbing in bobcats. Apply from the back of the pan to within 10 inches of the inside of the cage door. Not recommended for use outside the cage due to the rubbing and rolling that the bobcats will do on this lure. An alternate application of this lure is to mix it 50/50 with your bobcat urine and use more liberally.

Light Skunk 


Skunk is often overlooked for its ability to interest bobcats. A small dab of this in your cage set along with your other lures will help you catch more so use it at every set.  If used as a long distance call above the set be sure and place some in the cage so the cat will find what he came looking for!

Fine Quality Fresh Bobcat Urine

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We also are pleased to offer the Below from Halseth Lures. These can be added to your purchases of other lures/DVD's. Please send an e-mail and we will quote the shipping on the combined order. Lure is $20 for a 4 ounce jar and the bait is $19 per pint:


California Cage Trap 

California Cage Trap is especially made for cage traps. This lure will not only add a lot of bobcats to your fur shed but it will take every grey fox that comes by. Don't miss this one.

Montana Magic

 Montana Magic is possibly the best bobcat lure ever poured into a bottle! Montana Magic is a lure especially made for use on flat sets out in the open country. It will pull them in and they will work the set. It contains blended musk, is a far reaching lure that has that powerful and sweet bobcat smell that only an experienced lure maker can get. Many western bobcat trappers buy it by the pint.

Horse Whisperer Paste Bait

Horse Whisperer is a bait made from lean horse meat and is aged with the finest of ingredients.  This bait has a great smell and is different than many bait pastes out there.  Highly recommended for your cat cages.

All of these fine lures and baits can be purchased in our store or by e-mailing us at