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Thank you for the interest in Cage Magic Lures. No introduction is needed for the Lead-In or Light Skunk as we have sold thousands of gallons of the Lead-In and equally thousands of jars of the skunk paste.  We enter each year with what we think is enough inventory of both and each year I find myself at home making more instead of being out trapping. These two products sell themselves and I would like to thank all my loyal customers for that.

After three years of testing and settling on a manufacturer we have our Love Potion No 9 and Spellbound lures being made exclusively for us by Marty Smith of Keg Creek Lures. Marty is a top notch lure maker but most importantly to me he is an honest guy with a conviction for making high quality lures.  No short cuts taken!

On the store page you will find lure packages with the skunk paste and Lead-In which include shipping.

All lure orders ship free of charge when purchased with cage traps.

Cage Magic Lures

Lead In Scent 

Cage Magic Lead In Scent was specially formulated to bring the bobcat the last 12-18 inches into the cage needed to get him to step on the pan. Proven to cause interest and rubbing in bobcats. Apply a stream from the back of the cage to just inside the cage door. Not recommended for use outside the cage due to the rubbing and rolling that the bobcats will do on this lure. When applied to a patch it can be used with foot holds for a rub set.

I have had customers catch everything from otter to fox with this lure.

Light Skunk 


Skunk is often overlooked for its ability to interest bobcats. A small dab of this in your cage set along with your other lures will help you catch more so use it at every set.  If used as a long distance call above the set be sure and place some in the cage so the cat will find what he came looking for!  NOTE: best applied in a small hole under the cage trap just beyond the pan.



A twist on the famous "Pacifc Call" recipe.  This is the first commercially available lure I am aware of containing "Silvervine" kitty cocaine.  A true all purpose cage trap/foothold/bobcat/fox curiosity-rub lure. Lots of odor volume.  $22 per 4OZ jar

Love Potion No 9

Lots of cat glands in this one.  A sweet smelling lure guaranteed to fill your traps in late winter. Actually an excellent coyote change - up lure for those tough ones. $22 per 4OZ jar

Lead-In scent and light skunk are available on the website store page. The Spellbound and Love Potion can be added to your order or purchased separately via email, text or call: