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Hi my name is Mercer Lawing and I am passionate about all things bobcat. Not only do I enjoy trapping and hunting bobcats, I consider myself a student of the bobcat. Every day is another day to learn about the bobcat and his habits. From the first one I took over thirty years ago on a chilly December night to the last one I released from a cage this past winter I have been obsessed with all things bobcat! 


I find the bobcat to be a fascinating fur bearer who always seems to be teaching us something new, changing the rules of the game or maybe it's just that he himself  doesn’t know what he is up to.  Either way I spend my winters chasing him and my summers dreaming of him.


At 50 years of age it is hard even for me to believe that I have been chasing fur bearers for over thirty years but I can’t argue with the math.  For the first ten years or so it was mostly calling coyotes during the day and hunting cats at night.  With all of the things that we can’t do in Ca. one thing we can is hunt varmints at night with the aid of a light.


The last fifteen years or so have been a combination of night hunting and trapping.  In recent years I have become so intrigued with the challenges of efficiently harvesting bobcats with cages that my beloved night hunting cats has fallen a bit to the wayside.


Over the last several seasons many high dollar bobcat skins have been produced for myself and customers using my cages and techniques. You might enjoy a few pictures on the gallery and testimonials page(s).

I take pride in everything that I do and am passionate about providing good accurate info and quality products. I stand behind everything that I produce and if you are ever disappointed with a purchase just contact me and I am sure we can work it out.


Thank You for visiting and feel free to use the contact page or email me direct.



Mercer Lawing 


 “Beauties and the Beast”  the girls in my life.